What is psychotherapy?

What is psychotherapy? What is the goal of therapy and it’s purpose? With daily help from my clients, I keep finding more and more answers to these questions, which I would like to share here in this blog. Equally interesting is the question what is psychotherapy not appropriate for?

What do we counselors try to get rid of together with our clients?

What do we counselors trying to get rid of together with our clients? Is the bad we are trying to eliminate with the help of therapy something that is also evil? I believe that evil does exist and while therapy will not be able to eliminate evil, it could help one to become aware of it and learn to see what good is there in contrast to that.  Evil can not only be ignorance, neurosis, consequences of childhood trauma, it can manifest as simply a tremendous force of negative energy in one’s life.  We all have the choice of surrendering to this negative influence or not.

Very often in therapy clients and I are trying to accurately describe just what is happening in their lives. We try to find deeper and deeper ways of expressing meaning and finding clarity in the midst of confusion and chaos emerging from life’s circumstances. Once clients find the most accurate words to describe what is happening usually the  veil is lifted off and the truth is seen.